In iBomber, you fly a WWII bomber dropping bombs on targets. Simple as that. It is a fun and addticve game. Each mission gives you specific goals such as destroying buildings, ships, or defending your base from the enemy. In addition, it also challenges you to acheving medals on each level. You can get up to 4 medals: <%= image_tag "articles/ibomber/medals.png" %>

You have some control over the speed of the aircraft by gently tilting the iphone forward to go faster backward to go slower. Titling the phone from side to side moves the play right or left. The game has pretty tight controls and is very responsive to minor tilting of the phone.

The regular bombs don’t drop straight down but take into consideration the speed of the aircraft. The faster you’re going, the more momentum will carry the bomb forward. Therefore you have to do some careful estimation before dropping the bomb. After some practice, you’ll know how far before the target you need to drop the bomb depending on the speed of the bomber.

Sometimes when you blow up targets you items will appear. When you click on the items you get either health power-ups or special bombs. As always, powerups always come up in abundance when you don’t need them.

The rocket bombs are good for targeting moving ships or when you are bombing at high speed (such as attacking heavily defended targets). The blockbuster is well, good for nothing. It is OK for bombing buildings. The grandslam is good for blowing up areas with lots of close buildings or large clusters of anti-aircraft guns. On land, even if you don’t hit your target, the explosion will take out surrounding structures. On water, you need to be very precise because if you miss, there will be no damage to surrounding areas.

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Standard Missions

Mission Pack One

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